High School Art

I started High School in 2005 and that is where I started my interest in art. When I began I didn’t have much skill in the art form but I got better as time went on like as in 2007 I did a sculpture of Ned Kelly. I molded his head gear out of clay it took me a little time before I finished the head gear but then I had one of the teachers make me a wooden scarecrow cross so I could prepare my Ned Kelly for show. I put a trench coat filled with newspaper around the cross as well as pants, boots and gloves and used wire to hold it all together and it was put at the front of the library for show.

Then in 2008 It was time for painting and I did 2 paintings and a drawing and my theme for this was four Twilight characters. My first painting I could only use black paint and I painted the character Rosalie then my second painting I was only aloud to use two colours so I chose red and black and with these colours I painted the Character Alice.Then for my last piece I done a drawing in photo frame form of Esme and Carlisle and this drawing had a lot of detail.

Then in 2009 after I heard that Heath Legder had passed away I did a drawing of him as The Joker in his honour. How I did this was I printed a picture out of The Joker and used Pastels to do the drawing and the paper I used was A3 size and this picture took me quite awhile to finish.


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